Wild Birth

I was recently motivated to share this photo. I am at my most bare, most powerful, most wild. Although I planned for a calm birth with a focus on relaxation, I was shocked at how I literally had to come undone. To do the things I never thought I would, screaming, wailing, shaking, to allow birth to move through me. We can learn all the birthing techniques but if that’s not what’s really required in the moment, we have to accept losing control as the key to getting the baby out naturally.

If there are any secrets in the birth preparation world, it’s that birth is wild. Primal, animalistic and
powerful. The secret holds because of our domestication (which doesn’t serve us in the birthspace), but also the majority of births in our culture take place in sterile, highly controlled environments. This control has an impact. Conforming to a model and keeping it together to fit an ideal image can slow labour down.

Labour and birth is an intricate unfolding of hormones that need to be protected from interference. Emotionally and spiritually, it’s a transformation like no other; a rebirth. Birth is a journey to the underworld, where we meet not only our deepest power but also the depths of ourselves. Of course it is going to be intense! For me, uninhibited expression in response to the intensity was also a release of intergenerational fear I held in my body. I’m thankful my support team was on the level of knowing everything that was happening was okay.

When we are untamed, when we get out of our heads and the wrongs and rights, our intuition is able to lead the way in a process that’s so natural and spontaneous. Wild birth doesn’t have to mean not peaceful. We need to reclaim the meaning of peaceful birth. If our wild expression allows harmony in the body and a smoother journey for our baby, then surely that is peaceful. A birth without interventions that injure babies & mothers is peaceful! A peaceful birth is one that preserves the physiological unfolding of hormones needed for breastfeeding and mothering.

Wildness at birth needs to be normalised, and it starts within us as birthing women & birthkeepers to hold space for this. Let’s let go of shame, conforming & pleasing others. Let’s welcome in the unlearning, untamed and unleashed, the transformation and the healing.

I felt motivated to share this today because I want to normalise wild birth.

So how do we prepare ourselves for wild birth?
Embodiment practices
Practice being uninhibited in front of others
Connect with your body, for your body is nature.
Dance spontaneously in a non linear, often!

Consider what it’s like to lose control and your relationship to it. Are you afraid to lose control? Why, what will happen?
Practice making sounds that you’ve never let yourself make.
Get comfortable with wildness and things being out of order.
Spend time in nature, in connection with the earth. We learn by simply being present with her.

Connect with your body, for your body is nature.
Dance spontaneously in a non linear, often!

How can birth supports hold space for this? By recognising that birth is a metaphysical event, the birthing person is moving through many layers in her experience. By allowing ALL expressions of emotion. By holding space. Use encouraging words.

Consider the wild nature of birth when choosing your support team. Do you feel comfortable enough around them to come undone? Are they able to hold space for the wild woman? The spontaneity of physiological birth? Of course in hospital environment we can’t control who will be in the room necessarily. What we can do is focus on being in our power, of not giving a shit aboit what others think of us. Make all of the choices that will protect your birthing hormones and processes.
In order to unleash, we need to feel safe. This is why birthing at home is most conducive for
spontaneous birth. Yet realistically this is not available to most. How can you feel safe in the hospital environment? Is there a support person that will protect you physically and energetically? Is there an object that symbolises protection that you can bring with you?

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