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I’m Carla, birth mentor, doula and space holder. I live on Gumbaynggirr country in the lovely town of Bellingen. I am a mama of 2 beautiful children, lover of great food, community, gatherings and weaving the ancient wise ways into modern life for healing and sustainability.

My background is in the healing arts. I have been attending and facilitating women’s circles for many years. I have also trained in and practiced Yoga teaching, Zenthai Shiatsu, wholefood nutrition and herbs. These modalities weave together to complement my doula offerings. Every fortnight you will find me hosting our local birth and motherhood group, Bellingen Baby, on the beautiful grasslands by the Bellinger River.

It was my own journey to motherhood that led me to birthwork. Birthing my 2 children has changed me, and I have grown to deeply revere this phase in a woman’s life. My experience of birth is that it is a life-changing event, ecstatic, sacred and challenging, a liminal space between worlds. It also has the potential to be a healing experience. To discover a strength and power you’ve never known. To expand into a deeper sense of self and connection. To love deeply. Yet without appropriate support, the golden wisdom available in this transition is often lost.

I did alot of inner work in both of my pregnancies and I believe that was key for my satisfying, incredible experiences. I used the guidance of Birthing from Within philosophy to undo my own traumatic birth and negative conditioning to write a different story for myself and my children. It was quite fitting then to train with Birthing from Within to become a birth doula and mentor to guide women through the inner work of pregnancy.

The support that I had for my journey with my second child particularly led me here. I was inspired by the gentleness, compassion, trust, and friendship of my care providers. The expertise that comes from not only birthing before but having witnessed many births. They held such safe space so that I could step into my power. I felt like my needs were completely understood. It was truly women supporting women, just like it has been for aeons, well before the inception of obstetrics. I feel deep purpose to ensure that all women have access to this kind of support.

Something special about my care was the influence of traditional wisdom, medicinal foods and natural remedies during all phases of the natal time. I feel a duty to see that these traditions are kept alive as I wholeheartedly believe in their effectiveness. I have dived deep into learning more about these traditional ways to incorporate them into my work.

As well as specialised practical and emotional support, a large component of my work is Birth Rituals and Ceremonies to honour Rites of Passage. These were invaluable in my birthing journey, giving me the strength to dive deep and permission to trust my body. The rituals I recieved in postpartum left me feeling seen, supported and loved. I was able to move on from the fourth trimester with clear direction and confident in my mothering abilities.

Birth is important, beyond what modern society would have you believe. How you feel and how are treated during your birth will affect both you and your baby for the rest of your life. I am here to ensure you are informed as possible and have left no stone unturned before you enter the labour space. I believe in mother centred care because the health of the baby depends on the health of the mother.
Postpartum is equally a Rites of Passage. It often gets left behind in the excitement of the birth, yet how you plan and prepare will make such a difference as to whether you experience Postpartum as stressful and depleting or fulfilling and healing. The first forty days are considered the sacred window, the mother is still open from birth and between worlds. This is the a vital time to be nourished and doted upon. There is so much going on, not only are you healing from birth but you are learning how to care for a new baby and navigate a new body and changing relationship dynamics. Wise traditional cultures have always invested in dedicated care for the new mother, let us take their lead to protect from Post natal depletion and the all too common postpartum depression.

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