Free initial meet up to determine if we are a suitable match

7 days a week text/phone calls for any birth/pregnancy related questions/queries that arise
On call to attend your birth
Undivided presence, physical support during the labour and delivery of placenta
Assistance with advocating in the hospital environment.
Building repoir with all people to enter the room during labour
Techniques for smoother labour; bodywork, acupressure, rebozo, breathwork
Labour specific drinks and snacks
Supporting your partner to be there for you
Mother Blessing ceremony
1x birth debriefing session, nourishing meal and medicinal tea
By default this includes my birth mentoring package. Why? Because I trust that birth mentoring and preparation is essential for an empowering birth experience. Through these sessions we will bond, get to know eachother and break down barriers so that you feeling not only comfortable but thrilled with having me in your birth space.

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Five 1:1 sessions of mentoring, using the Birthing from Within framework. This is a unique approach that focuses on inner work and healing. I will guide you to holistically explore your fears, and look into any underlying issues that may impact your birth choices or flow in labour.
Learn about the process of physiological birth and the ultimate conditions it requires as well as how to put that into place for your birth.
Bring forth your inner strengths and innate ability and wisdom to birth and mother your baby
Prepare for postpartum emotionally and practically
Learn about the maternity system , get informed so that you can have an Autonomous, fulfilling birth. I hope to leave you with the understanding that you are the aauthority over your body and your baby
Practices to relax, calm and ground
Guiding you through creating a Birth plan or map
Labour preparation and pain coping techniques
Tips for partners and how they can optimally support you
Activating your intuition
Connecting with your baby
Healthy movement and nutrition for pregnancy
Decision making about tests and scans

To learn more about this package find it under the ‘services’ tab

$800 in person

$700 online via Skype or Zoom – this is available to women in rural areas that don’t have access to a physical doula/mentor


Free initial meet up to determine if we are a suitable match

7×3 hour sessions (or can be formatted as an hours bank because some days require a quick visit and some a longer stay) spread out from after birth until you feel ready to transition out of the fourth trimester
7 x gourmet organic meals that are easy to digest, warm, replenish and fortify breast milk production
2x Conscious postpartum planning sessions so that you will have what you need in those vulnerable and precious weeks after the birth. This includes gathering your community and support network, A map for revillaging, meal train and boundary setting, education on the 6 postpartum needs

Beautiful tonics, herbs and natural remedies to promote after birth healing
Herbal preparations and therapies such as sitz baths and gentle bodywork

Yoni steaming
Your sounding board as you traverse the unknown territory of motherhood
Consistent and reliable company

Light housework, keeping your space clear and beautiful

Help with including or entertaining and caring for older siblings
Birth story debriefing and integration
Closing the bones ritual
Placenta options, preparation and/or planting ritual

You are absolutely worth this care, mama. We are learning that postpartum care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity for setting yourself up for long term health.

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This is a blend of all 3 of the above. I will be supporting you from any stage in your pregnancy up until you transition out of the fourth trimester. Includes all rituals and ceremonies too.

Please contact me for prices

Birth Rituals and Ceremony

Rituals and Ceremony such as Mother blessings, Placenta Planting and Closing the Bones are available as stand alone services, though they are included in some of my packages.

Price will depend on location, time, date and venue.

Please be in touch to discuss and receive a quote.

Payment plans.
I am flexible with payment plans on all packages. It is important to me that money is not a barrier for you recieving the vital care you need during your massive transition. I’m totally up for negotiation on frequency of payments and total length of payment plan. Please don’t hesitate to discuss this with me.

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