Carla brought to our new family , care, comfort, knowledge & endless support for me with my first child.

Carla was there throughout the pregnancy, psychologically preparing me for the birth and postpartum.

At the birth , I wouldn’t of had half the strength to persevere, with a c-section threatening my birth story, if Carla was not there. I was able to give birth to my baby girl via natural delivery.

The most crucial time, after I returned home with this new addition to our family, me and my partner were held through the ups & downs of being first time parents. I couldn’t recommend
Carla enough, for her generosity , alongside her passion to help create and hold the new mother was my life-saver. Our girl is now 4 months old and I have returned to my body. My spirit is ready to face motherhood, and my mind knows it was held at such a scary, vulnerable time, I look towards the magic that is possibly imaginable for the future.

Simona ~ Warrior Mama, Bellingen

I had the privilege of having Carla’s support and guidance during my pregnancy and postpartum. Words cannot even describe how Carla’s care impacted my birth and the following weeks after my son was born. Carla made me feel empowered and able to grasp my inner strength. Our conversations during my pregnancy would always put me at ease and I was able to comfortably ask any question without judgement. I felt seen and heard by Carla, but also understood which I feel is so important during pregnancy and postpartum when women can feel quite vulnerable. Carla’s loving guidance helped me to prepare emotionally for the changes ahead and also accept all the feelings I was having as completely normal and a natural path of pregnancy and postpartum. I felt immensely supported by Carla, which I didn’t have first time around with my first son. During my postpartum Carla would bring my family and I cooked meals, this helped us so much during a time of transition. I am so thankful and I’ll be forever grateful for Carla’s guidance and support, she is truly one of a kind!

-Donna ~ Mama of Bohdi and Luca, Moonee Beach

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